Welcome to the website of Walking Mehmet, the first and best walking guide in Cappadocia! If you have any questions after reading my pages, do not hesitate to contact me at info@walkingmehmet.net

Why walking with me?
Walking is a pleasure for me, not an obligation;

I am proud of my homeland and I love to share it with my guests;
Being the first walking guide ever in Cappadocia, I can take you to many places other guides do not know of, including the many hidden churches;
When others do the commercial Red tour or Green tour, I can show you the same highlights as well as the hidden places off the trodden path;
I know the region so well I can plan the walk along the places of your choice: the best light for taking pictures, the shady places in hot weather, the flattest route for the not-so-fit people;
I arrange walks suitable for anyone between 7 and 100 years old;
I have walked with bird watchers, photographers, biologists, historians, art historians, philosophers, geologists, and can tell you the things they told me;
Many people found walking with me the highlight of their trip;
I have walked over 1350 km. with over 8000 people and never had any complaints. That's why all the guidebooks recommend me by name;
I speak English fluently and I'm experienced in communicating with all nationalities;
I am not connected to or interested in shops and other businesses.

Mehmet GÜNGÖR Guide Walks
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