I grew up in Göreme village and have been walking for many years. I have a passion for nature and therefore I love my work with all my heart. I will never be tried of walking, whether in summer or in winter, whether day ar night.

Why Walking Mehmet?
Walking is a pleasure for me, not an obligaton,
My main purpose is to share my experience with my guests, not to waste their time and money,
Being the irst walking guide in Cappadocia, I can take you to many places other guides do not know of,
I can show you all the hidden churches in Cappadocia,
I can arrange walks suitable for anyone between 7 and 100 years old,
My walks are not only good for your physical condition, they also make you a mentally healthier person,
I have no time limit; we can start any time you want and walk for as many hour as you like,
I bet walking weth me well be the highlight of your trip,
I have walked over 1350 km. with over 8000 people and never had any complaints. That's why all the guidebooks recommend me by name,
Besides walking, I can guide any other activity in nature,
I speak English fluently,

Mehmet GÜNGÖR Gude Walks
Tel: +90 384 271 2064 Gsm: +90 532 382 2069